Friday, September 30, 2011

Vegan & Veg Blogs

When I first tried out a vegan diet, I was just reaching the tip of the iceberg on the vegan (and food) blogging world. Since then, I've found so many more wonderful food sites, so I'm adding to my original list more blogs that have great photos, personality, and recipes. This will be updated, I'm sure!

These sites inspire me to...  (try things like Chia seeds, waste time, avoid work, take pictures of what I eat, spend way too much time trying to take a good photo of food and arranging things on a plate)....... make a better blog (if only I had more time!)


Vegetarian: (and a few non-veg specific)


  1. Thank you so much the blog name-dropping--how sweet are you!!! :) Aaaaaaannnnndddd I just finished reading your "About Me" section and nearly fell off my chair when I read that you own a Vizsla. My favorite animal in the world. I daydream about the day I can have one... Can I adopt yours, as in a pen pal or something until then?.... :) hehe. xoxo, Cara

  2. P.S. My boyfriend and I just checked out Captain's blog and we literally spent a good 30 minutes drooling over all those pups! Not only is Captain one handsome feller but all those other pics of dogs are just too cute for words!!! I heart it sooooooooooo much :)

  3. Oh thanks! So glad you found my dog blog! He is the love of my life ;-)
    Love your food bloggin- and such a great name too!


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