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What you'll find here: Veggie-ful delights of vegan & vegetarian recipes, plus the occasional kitchen mishap or story. You don't need to be vegan or even vegetarian to try out these recipes; in fact, I think everyone can always use more inventive veggie dishes!

About the blog: I started this blog mainly as a way to save recipes and avoid more cookbooks, but during the course of bloggin' away, I decided to give vegan a try (after being a long-time vegetarian), so the site has grown with me, and hopefully will continue to. Recipes included here that aren't my original creations are always referenced to the original source.

This blog is a fun way to keep track of recipes I like, and I hope you'll like too. Here's to injecting humor, joy, and veggies into every dish! 

Things I like: Laughing as much as possible. Getting outside and enjoying it all.
About me: Mango lover. Maker of mini cupcakes. Curious and excited about new healthy foods. Besides fun in the kitchen, fitness and being active is just part of who I am and what I love;  running, hiking, yoga- you name it (as long as it doesn't involve too much coordination), I'm game. I'm also a Vizsla mommy and wanna-be traveler. I've worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in the past; currently I work in public health research.

I love cows! Just not eating them ;-) Photo courtesy of Daria Bishop
I fully believe healthy food makes for a happy person. About 2 years ago, I first experimented with a vegan diet and I learned I absolutely loved it. I'd been vegetarian since early in my teens, and I've always found a meat-free diet to be extremely satisfying, but veganism was a new world to me. I love how much I've learned through vegan cooking and baking, how eating vegan makes me feel, and what it means. For more about my original path to becoming vegetarian, click here.