Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spain Eats

I have been shamefully absent in the food-blogging world for a while now... busy with work, life, and some traveling too. I was lucky enough to have a conference in the beautiful Basque region of Spain, in a beach side town called San Sebastian. Afterwords, I did some traveling with my sister, to Barcelona and Seville, and then stopped in to the UK, where she lives. It was an amazing trip; Spain is a beautiful country!!

My favorite food item on the trip? It's a toss up between these beautiful white asparagus, which were all over the place in San Sebastian, and..... mango sorbet. Hey, I'm predictable. Gelatarias were all over the place, and when it comes to mango, I'm a sucker. But, Fruitarias - fruit & veg stands, like the one below, were also a great find. As for the rest, well.... I can't exactly say Spain was a mecca of vegetarian- let alone vegan- options. It was a challenge. Read on for more, as well as a few completely food-unrelated Spain pics.