Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's and Veganiversary!

Happy 2013! It's also been one year since I decided to officially go vegan! My one year veganiversary! ;-) It seems to have flown by!

We hosted yet another party last night, for New Year's Eve. Lots of fun, lots of food.  Read on for the spread, and a few veganiversary thoughts!

Lots of apps!
  • Artichoke & walnut pesto bruschetta - from Chloe's Kitchen 
  • Saffron cauliflower with green olives, golden raisins, and red onion -from my new cookbook Plenty
  • Veggie napoleons - from Vegan Yum Yum (an altered version of last year's - roasted mushrooms, eggplant creme, and roasted asparagus)
  • Roasted asparagus spears - simply drizzled with olive oil, tamari, and Italian herbs, roasted at 400F for 20 min. Delicious & easy.
  • Veggie pigs in a blanket - Not-dogs (I used apple "sausage" links) wrapped in puff-pastry. 
  • Mocha-almond fudge cake - from Chloe's Kitchen. Amazingly delicious. Mmmmm. Seriously- this cake is heaven. I even altered it to use half the oil, by substituting some vanilla-flavored coconut milk yogurt, and it turned out perfectly.

A few veganiversary reflections:
I've found that being vegan has been such a positive and natural choice for me. It just feels me, it feels right. I feel healthy, fit, and proud and happy to be a vegan! I've loved how much I've tried and learned over the past year. On top of the health benefits and the ethical and environmental positive impacts, I also love that going vegan has unearthed a new hobby for me. I'm looking forward to another great year of vegan eating, learning, and growing in 2013!


  1. Funny - I got Plenty for Christmas too and I just made that saffron cauliflower dish last night! Great flavours! Happy veganiversary :)

    1. That is funny! Well, you know, great minds... ;-) I esp liked the raisins & olives in there.


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