Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A rare event

Sunday night my husband decided he wanted to make dinner. Vegan dinner. No, really, he did. To put things in perspective, this hasn't happened in about a year. Well, not if you don't count ordering take-out, or heating up jarred spaghetti sauce and boiling noodles.

Ever since we had an awesome dinner at an Indian place in SF called Dosa, we've been wanting to re-create the coconut and roasted corn soup we had there. I'm definitely surprised to say that my husband made a pretty darn delicious version of it. Here's the link to the soup he made. He pretty much followed the recipe, using fresh corn, but we subbed vegetable stock for the chicken stock. The only changes I would make are to make sure the corn is really well puréed, so it's nice and smooth. (I had to laugh a little at him when he was trying to blend the corn in our weak-ass blender instead of using the food processor, which he despises because it's so loud. He did need a little help.) Oh and my other recommendation would be to double the recipe, because there weren't any leftovers!

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