Sunday, July 22, 2012

Recent Vegan Eats Out & About

Phew. It's been quite a week- we moved last Sunday, to a new place I'm totally psyched about. But it's been a week of very little sleep, crazed packing and then unpacking. I don't know about you, but I can't stand it when things aren't "in their place." There's still a lot left to do, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel... and plenty of good food along the way.

Pictured above: My roasted eggplant and hummus sandwich, and my man's (pho meat) sandwich behind, from an all vegan/vegetarian lunch spot called The Break Room. Here's the menu:

Other highlights from the week: An epic meal at an Indian Place called Dosa in SF (for my birthday!):

And I found that vegan Greek yogurt at my new Whole Foods! It was on special, so I got a bunch of flavors:
And also picked up these vegan treats:
 (FYI, loved the Somersauts- lightly salty sesame seed crackers. The pesto crackers on the right were too pesto-y. I mainly bought the NuGo bc they were giving samples and I felt obligated lol. As for the Greek yogurt, I've only tried one flavor so far- the blueberry- and it was ok but I didn't love it. The texture was smooth and custard-like, with a slightly tangy flavor, but it just tasted a little odd. Maybe the other flavors will be better though!)

And this Saturday, I was excited to find we have THE BEST farmer's market just a 5min walk from our new place. I was totally ecstatic and kept yelling out "Oh my gosh! Look at these ____!" (insert fruit/vegetable names) - people must have thought I was totally crazy but I was too excited to contain myself...

And if these flowers don't make you smile you're walking by 'em too fast!

So even though moving sucks, and I haven't cooked nearly as much as I normally would want to this week, I'm completely psyched for our new neighborhood, more farmer's markets, and sharing more great local fresh healthy food!

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