Saturday, July 24, 2010

Online recipes

A few years ago for Christmas I made my family a cookbook, a compilation of our family favorites, complete with the funny family photos to go along with the recipes. The challenging part, though, is that for the most part recipes, and food tastes in particular, aren't really a static thing. Ingredients get altered, or the compilation itself- the group of those favorites- gets added to or edited as time goes on. For example, I adopted a vegetarian diet during my early teens, so those sloppy joes and other meaty items I used to like would not be in my favorites today. Recently I got all gung-ho to make another, updated cookbook, adding some new favorites from my friends and various cooking classes I've taken, when I realized- the last thing I want is another book on my shelf! Most of the time these days, I go online to sites like those listed to the right under 'links' to find a new recipe or inspiration for something to make. I was also happy to find out, in enjoying a new recipe from a friend, that she had a food blog to share her dishes. Why not have my own blog to document my favorites and share them with others? So here we go!

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