Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Copycatin' and Adaptin'

I love finding, and being inspired by, new recipes online. I used to have a recipe "to-do" list link on this site, but more recently, I've been using Pinterest as a way to keep track of all those recipes I want to try. I've been making a lot of those recipes recently; the above is just a sampling! For recipes I've adapted a bit, I'll post more about later. But for now I wanted to share some delicious great finds!

Clockwise, from top left: SMBP's Sweet Potato Avocado Soup, Hobby & More's Aloo Gobi, a re-purposed version of CCK's deep dish cookie pie, Fork & Bean's better cheddar, and Giro Vegando in Cucina's Avocado Mint Ice cream, in my own crust.

For notes on these dishes, read on...

 ALL of these were successes. But here are a few quick notes:

1. Oh the Sweet Potato soup. Delicious flavors. I adapted a little bit, but overall stuck to the recipe. It's a shame my husband was out of town when I made this; this is exactly his type of vegan meal!

2. The Aloo Gobi was my first Indian dish I made! It was so warm & comforting, and actually easy to make. When I was making it though, I had to add more water a few times to keep the potatoes steaming (since they weren't soft enough and the water had steamed out), which ended up watering down the flavors a little. I just added more spices though, and it turned out yummy, although I would have liked more sauce. Next time I also need to make naan to go along with it!

3. I've made CCK's deep dish cookie pie, which is actually made with chickpeas, applesauce, oats, and just a few other ingredients,  a few times. It's so easy and quick to throw together, and totally satisfies that "I want cookies!" desire. Above, I used an adapted version of the recipe in mini-cupcake holders, and made some flavor variations too; below is a mini cake version. More to come on these adaptations later!

4. Better Cheddars! What would vegans do without Fork & Beans?! ;-) These were incredibly easy to make and really tasty. I adapted only by using 1/2 chickpea flour and 1/2 regular all-purpose flour- and it turned out great! Score- a recipe to use my chickpea flour in ;-)

5. Avocado mint icrecream?! When I pinned this, I wasn't quite sure how it'd turn out. But I had to try it for myself, and it was totally yum. ESPECIALLY the way I served it... more to come on that soon!!


  1. I am so happy that you made the Avocado Sweet Potato soup!!

    Mmmm that CCK recipe looks amazing- I have to try that one out :)

    1. Yeah thanks for sharing the recipe! I think next on my list are your white choc truffles- I already ordered my chocolate from amazon ;-)


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