Monday, January 23, 2012

Vegan Dinner Party 1

Here's a teaser of more recipes to come, from a dinner party I hosted this weekend:

Ok, so this is actually vegan dinner party 2, but I didn't capture all the pics from the actual #1. (And yes, that is regular cheese in the top left corner- my husband insisted- but the vegan cheezy app actually got eaten up first!)

Vegan Dinner Party #1 Menu (6 people): 
Appetizer: Amazingly delicious cheezey chard toast florentine
Main: Walnut & pear cabbage salad and a mushroom, broccoli, and orzo bake
Dessert: Fig bars and carrot cake cookies

Posts for each of these are coming!! And, I am happy to say, they were all totally delicious. All the guests (including meat-eaters) went back for seconds. People were commenting they were stuffed but having trouble not eating more.... that makes for a happy chef ;-)

And in case you were wondering...

Menu for (the real) Vegan Dinner Party #1: (8 people)
Appetizers: Sugar Snap peas in soy sesame dressing, Corn Fritters (amazingly delicious- I need to post these guys soon since they'd make a great Super Bowl Party addition!!), and olive bread with hummus (that I didn't make though)
Main: Polenta stacks (shown below)
Dessert: Mini blueberry cobblers (similar to this recipe but layered in large shot glasses and with a graham cracker crust. I'll post these eventually too!)

Even though it's a ton of work, I really like hosting these parties - it gives me an excuse to try a few new recipes! And, ok, to pretend to be my mother, and to use all those wedding gifts ;-)

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  1. That's awesome that everyone loved the vegan food so much - I love showing people how good it can be! I can't wait to see both of those dessert recipes!


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