Monday, February 4, 2013

S'mores Cookies!

I went cookie monster crazy this weekend for the Super Bowl. There were so many cookies they seemed to be flowing out of the oven. Two recipes, two teams, too many cookies? No way. They were too good.

I had two recipes on my cookie to-do list, and Super Bowl was the perfect time to make them since we were going to a friend's place. The first recipe was Kathy from Healthy.Happy.Life's walnut-lovers chocolate chip cookies. Her photos were mouth-wateringly amazing. But, even though - unlike my husband- I like nuts in my salads, and even sometimes in my oatmeal or yogurt, my husband and I definitely agree - we don't like nuts in our cookies. Instead, I used her chocolate chip cookie recipe base and made them MORE. Well, S'MOREs, to be exact.

S'mores cookies
This is more of an idea guideline than a recipe, but I do note a helpful tip for chopping the marshmallows and getting that s'mores flavor into your dough.

  • Ingredients for your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe - I used Kathy's vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe (everything but the walnuts! I also slightly reduced the margarine- by 2 Tbsp - and subbed with banana. This worked pretty well, though I wouldn't recommend subbing any more than that.)
  • Dandies marshmallows, cut into mini pieces (see instructions below!)
  • Graham crackers, crushed (such as homemade vegan graham crackers, or most store-bought kind are dairy-free if you aren't opposed to honey, or, for a slightly different version you could use some ginger snaps- many store-bought kinds are vegan)
*Note I don't include amounts for grahams and marshmallows, since it depends on the cookie recipe you use. For Kathy's (link above), I made half plain choc chip and half s'mores, and for the half batch of s'mores cookies I used maybe 1/2 cup chopped marshmallows and about 3-4 graham crackers (1 or 2 while prepping the marshmallows). You don't want to add too much graham to the dough, since it would dry out the cookie too much.

  1. Follow instructions to prepare your cookie dough.
  2. To chop the marshmallows, dandies can get pretty sticky, so crush up a graham cracker finely. Cut the marshmallow through and then place it sticky/cut side down in the cracker crumbs, and continue chopping- the crumbs not only make it less sticky for cutting, but also better for mixing into the dough and getting that s'more flavor.
  3. Mix in the crushed graham crackers (some bits and pieces are fine) and chopped marshmallows into your cookie dough and bake as usual, until nice and toasty! 

Melty marshmallows!

 So many cookies!

Chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers, simply rolled up in cookie form. 

Everyone enjoyed these at the Super Bowl party we went to. Besides the game, and other great snacks- (including plenty of vegan options made by friends, including vegan rice krispie treats, gauc & chips, homemade flat bread and white bean hummus, and veggie sandwiches) we also had this killer view to enjoy too:

The second recipe on my to-do list that I made for Sunday was Chloe Coscarelli's ginger molasses cookies. More to come on those delicious cookies soon!

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